Sunday, July 21, 2024

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PARS Executive Committee comments on EchoLink

PARS executive committee has been observing posts re. EchoLink experiments. The matter has been discussed and concluded that;
  1. EchoLink can’t be counted as a HAM activity as it is partly through a media which can not be declared as "Radio Communication". That is the reason for not including EchoLink in the contests conducted by various societies world wide.
  2. However, PARS supports the idea of using EchoLink in following two conditions,
    1. In case of a national emergency or disaster, where it is difficult to use HF for long distance communication, specially for the individuals scattered in a wide area of operation. To prepare for such conditions, experiments are supported but it should not be used for regular skeds
    2. In case of individuals located in various parts of country limited to HF only due to;
      1. having no access to PARS repeater
      2. Have no HAM in the surrounding to help in conducting VHF experiments.
  3. All EchoLink experiments invloving a repeater station must be notified formally to PARS in advance covering full technical details. Upon PARS approval, the details will be shared will all HAMs through web & local skeds so that every one can equally participate in the experiments for better results through proper feed back in a constructive manner.