Sunday, August 18, 2019

Follow up and Recommendation/Suggestions from PAKHAMs (46th Annual General Meeting )

Follow  up  and  Recommendation/Suggestions   from  PAKHAMs  (46th Annual General Meeting )

i.    Age restriction; 18 year and above, for grant of amateur license has been relaxed and age 12 years to below 18 year are allowed to obtain amateur radio license with lower power level of 10 Watts maximum, however, other conditions of the license shall remain same.

ii.    SWL requirement has been reduced to 1year for age 18 years and above and 2 years for age 12years to below 18 years.

iii.    If a license is expired and not renewed within the time period as given in
clause 6(d) of SOP for Issuance  of Amateur Radio License and such individual approaches PTA for renewal of the license, then, fresh application of such applicant may be considered and exempted from security clearance and test.