Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lahore Chapter - Repeater Maintenance


Lahore Repeater is functional:

Dear PARS members,

Yesterday June 19, 2014 a team of PARS Lahore chapter went to PTV for installing the repeater, the team included AP2MUT, AP2UK, Badar Jamal (SWL) whereas AP2DD was standby at a distant location for testing; following is the detail of activity performed at the site:

At PTV Lahore station we have 2 antennas, one at the height of 350ft on top of the mast the other one is at approx. 250ft. We have been trying to collaborate with the PTV rigger since last couple of months in order to maintain the antennas and connecters but he was not available and willing to perform any activity in this harsh weather. It was therefore decided to utilize the antenna on the top using a duplexer which was tuned at site, since the cable installed there is very low loss the SWR was minimal. After testing the SWR and tuning of duplexer the repeater was powered up. The quality of communication was very good we had a QSO with AP2DD from the site with 5/9 plus quality later the testing was performed from different areas of the city which went well. The repeater is now up and running and we are conducting communication test with various equipment and TX Power. Here I would like to mention that communication is not at optimal level with respect to the height of antenna due to factors like antenna is tilted and is facing northwards and is directional antenna.

We will plan the antenna maintenance soon as the weather gets better which will significantly improve the communication quality.

Improvement areas:

·         Antenna needs replacement as it is a directional antenna and for good coverage we need an omnidirectional antenna with good wind resistance.

·         Connector Maintenance is required in order to prevent moisture entering the feed line.

·         A cabinet will be installed soon in order to protect the equipment installed.


·         High availability of the repeater.

·         Coverage throughout Lahore on a 5watt handheld.

·         Enabling Echo Link

Best Regards,

Badar Jamal Malik (AP2-02-620)


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